Why Real Estate?


WHY Real Estate?

I have always been in love with all things homes and properties. From the structure and interior design, to the memories and traditions homes hold. In the past, I had made browsing REALTOR.ca a true hobby of mine, and perusing Instagram for the newest home trends, paint colors, countertops and backsplash like it was my day job. Thankfully it now is!   

I want to bring others to their dream home for their next chapter in life through the lens of a Realtor, whether it be a fixer upper for first time buyers, a turnkey home for new families, or a smaller bungalow for empty nesters. Every home has a story to tell and I am thrilled I get to be a match maker for my clients to start their new home journeys and create new stories.

My passion for real estate began in highschool. I knew I wanted to be in a career that was people focused and flexible. I am a true social butterfly and I love meeting new people.  I love building relationships with people, and creating lasting and genuine impressions. One person who has an impression on me from the beginning to pursue Real Estate is from my hometown, North Bay, Ontario. My family friend, Cheryl Noel was, and still is a reputable and well-known Real Estate agent. I vividly remember multiple times trying to go into a grocery store with her for a bag of milk. What would normally be a 5 minute errand for someone, for Cheryl it would often be closer to 45 minutes in the store because everyone and their dog would stop her, ask her how she is and how was the current housing market is. At the time I remember thinking back and being bothered by the constant interruptions but now I quickly realized everyone knows and talks to Cheryl because not only is she an amazing Real Estate agent and goes above and beyond for all her clients but she also has a heart of gold with a genuine care for her community.

Cheryl’s focus on building lasting relationships with people and getting them into their dream home, no matter what it takes has always been her lived-out mission statement. Heck, I remember a story that she once walked a pot belly pig around a neighborhood on a leash just so one of her clients could view a home they were interested in! This is absolutely the kind of genuine Realtor and person I have wanted to grow into. Her example emulates the values I want to portray and the customer service I want to deliver to my Real Estate clients. My goal is to be known as the best Realtor in the Cambridge area with a heart for people and the community.