5 Tips for Selling your Home in the Fall


Although it may not feel like Fall temperatures outside just yet, the Fall market is picking up and now is an excellent time to put your home on the market. Summer has officially come to an end and people are getting back into routine and want to buy a home before the white stuff starts flying and Santa Claus starts appearing everywhere.

Currently in Cambridge the average home is $747,730 and the average days on market is 18! The market is super-hot right now friends, which leads me into my first tip.

 1.      Do Not Wait.

I know, I know, no one likes to be pressured, but I am telling you, if you can get your home on the market with a reliable real estate agent that will help you price your home accordingly before Thanksgiving you are going to have a much greater chance selling for a great price in a great time frame than after Thanksgiving. It is a seller’s market right now and time is of the essence before winter comes.

 2.      Clean up your yard.

I hope this is a given, but seriously if you are anything like me and your spring flowers did not make it past the heat wave in August, throw those plants to the curb and get some new seasonal flowers, like Mums. (Yellow, is the number one home selling color). And while you are at it, rake the leaves, sweep the steps and heck get the power washer out for one last rinse!

 3.      Pre-Listing Home Inspection!

I could go on for a while about the pros of getting a pre-listing home inspection done on your property before it goes on the market. I will probably write a whole blog about this but one main reason is the number one condition deals fall through on is home inspections. If you already have an inspection in hand for buyers, they know the home has a clean bill of health and will come in with a stronger offer, especially in this hot market.

 4.      Staging.

Again, I hope this is a given, but seriously de-clutter your home! The Zahnd Team has storage units for our clients for this reason. Spice your home up with autumn accents, including plaid pillows or chunky knit throw blankets and it never hurts to add a pumpkin here or there. Tis’ the season, folks!

 5.      Give your home a pop of color!

Finally, make your home stand out with a pop of color! Right now, is a perfect time to paint your front door a deep blue or red color that will make your home memorable to buyers! Or give your window trims a fresh coat of white paint. Right now is a great time to paint exterior spots on your home as the weather is still warm but not humid!

Here is a photo of one of my favorite interior decorators front door. She even lives in Cambridge, so you’ll definitly want to give her a follow for all of the home decor inspo


That is all the tips & tricks I have for today friends. Please reach out if you are thinking of putting your home on the market and I can give you a free home evaluation of what your home would sell for in today’s market!

Talk soon!

Erika Colwell