Health & Wellness Favourites 


Proactive Fitness has quickly become my home away from home. The energy Emerson and the team has is honestly contagious and although you definitely feel tired after one of their bootcamp classes, you also feel like you can accomplish just about anything afterwards! Not only is the atmosphere and workouts honestly like none other in the area, my favorite thing about Proactive is the family feel it has. You can feel the genuine authenticity that no other gym can provide. I promise you, you will come out of one class feeling 100 times better than you did walking in, and if not… I will drop and give you 10 burpees!


The Health Collective Galt, located at 56 Grand Ave North, offers manual therapy, massage, osteopathy, educational workshops and therapeutic exercise. Their mission is to empower you to move well and be well. Marsha and her team of health care professionals can support you in overcoming headaches, jaw dysfunction, back pain, sport injuries and enjoying the experience of pregnancy without pain. I have had the pleasure of working with Marsha and she can truly tell you everything you need to know about the body, she is very intelligent and passionate about helping others learn more about their body and healing naturally.

Walker Chiropractic

Walker Chiropractic is a father and daughter team who have infused Cambridge with a local practice that radiates the values of family and all things health related. Carlie Walker has taken her family legacy of experience to new heights with a passion and personality that is refreshing in the region. This local team will get you feeling and staying good with their natural adjustments focused on optimal health! In the words of The Walker’s “It is all about your health! We provide focused attention to the vertebral spine and how subluxations and misalignments greatly interfere with the optimal functioning and healing ability of the human body”.